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Unravelling Inwards:
A Journey Of Embracing The Divine Feminine

Unravelling Inwards is a powerful, transformative guide to healing and self-discovery. Through her journey, author Fellas Arnold offers readers an inspiring roadmap for overcoming life’s challenges and embracing their authentic selves.

Reviews for Unravelling Inwards

Amazon Customer
Thought provoking book with amazing insight. I bought this book as a present for my partner Michelle. She was blown away by Camilla’s ability to explain her own experiences. However, what also left Michelle totally amazed was the fact that she felt she had soo much in common with the writer. As if being guided through her own experiences Michelle has now been able to refrained many of her own habitual thoughts. It was a refreshing and liberating read. Loved it.
Mrs K Gleeson
A captivating journey of transformation Once I started reading this fascinating and enlightening book, I couldn't stop. Camilla's skill at weaving her story into a multi layered journey of discovery into the Devine feminine is captivating. This is much more than a book you read once; it is a keepsake; a guide that invites you to explore your own journey of unravelling inwards. As each chapter unfolds Camilla shares her experiences whilst simultaneously revealing a roadmap for you to navigate your own transformation.
Life Changing Book I loved this book, from the moment I started reading. As woman in the Maga phase of life I especially resonated with that lost and forgotten wisdom.The permission slip to walk away from anyone that makes me feel small.Thank you ❤️
Beautiful and inspiring This is a beautifully written book that I found really hard to put down. Once I started I just wanted to keep reading and I ended up reading it all in a day and a half (there's nearly 400 pages). By the end, I felt inspired and powerful as a woman.
Julia McFarland
That this gives you practical advice and food for thought on a voyage of self discovery This was such an interesting read. It challenges the way women, in particular view themselves and gives you the tools to challenge yourself and take steps towards your true self. Such a worthy journey and a transformational one.

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'Spirits of Norfolk'
A thrilling new fiction series from Camilla Fellas Arnold.
Set against the backdrop of Norfolk, UK, the ‘Spirits of Norfolk’ series
explores the rich tapestry of local folklore, history, mythology and magic.

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Upcoming Book

Soul Threads is a stunning collection of poetry by Camilla Fellas Arnold that beautifully captures the transformative power of words. Through the author’s journey of self-discovery and healing, this collection of poems speaks to the depths of the human experience, offering hope and understanding to readers navigating their paths.

With each page turn, readers will be transported to a world of raw emotion and profound insight. Soul Threads is a heartfelt and deeply personal offering that speaks directly to the soul. It is a book to treasure and revisit, a companion to turn to when the road feels lonely, and a guide to help navigate the twists and turns of life.

Soul Threads is the upcoming companion poetry book to Unravelling Inwards: A Journey Of Embracing The Divine Feminine.