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Unravelling Inwards

Coming 2023

Unravelling Inwards: A Journey Of Embracing The Divine Feminine by Camilla Fellas Arnold is due for release in early 2023.

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Camilla's upcoming releases


Unravelling Inwards

Unravelling Inwards: A Journey of Embracing The Divine Feminine


Soul Threads

Words and stories of the soul, woven through lifetimes. Camilla’s debut poetry collection is the culmination of a childhood dream.

Soul Threads speaks of twin flames and soul journeys in a way that has had a profound impact on those reading them, having transformed her life and her own sacred union.

Previous Releases

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Meet Your Creative Archetype

Find out how to unleash your true creative power and embrace your archetype’s natural genius.

Sacred Redesign

Contributing author in Sacred Redesign: How to free yourself from society’s standards and create heaven on earth. This book will guide you to the freedom and connection that can only come when aligning with your true self. Are you ready to create heaven on earth? This is how it happens.

Creative Power Podcast

The Creative Power Podcast is designed to help you claim the full spectrum of your creative potential. Explore how we can change the face of both the creative industries and how we interact with creativity itself so it nourishes our souls and helps us express ourselves with alignment, flow and authenticity.