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The Creative Power Podcast is designed to help you claim the full spectrum of your creative potential. 

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The Creative Power Podcast is designed to help you claim the full spectrum of your creative potential. Explore how we can change the face of both the creative industries and how we interact with creativity itself so it nourishes our souls and helps us express ourselves with alignment, flow and authenticity. 

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Creative Power Episode 24: Prioritise and Streamline Your Creative Projects

Do you struggle to prioritise your creative ideas Or perhaps you can never finish anything because y...

Creative Power Episode 23: Goal Setting for Creatives

Do you feel raring to go with all your creative projects right now Do you have lots of things you [&...

Creative Power Episode 22: The Impact of Beltane on Creativity

What impact does the flow of energy throughout the year have on our creativity How is our creativity...

Creative Power Episode 21: How To Reframe The Starving Artist Mentality

Are you tired of lowering your rates or working for exposure Are you exhausted, struggling to pay yo...

Creative Power Episode 20: Open Up Your Creative Mind With Meditation and Yoga

Are you looking for new ways to spark your creativity and open your mind Have you tried meditation b...

Creative Power Episode 19: Bringing Out Your Playful Side

Do you feel bored and uninspired Do you want to unlock new levels of your creative potential and unl...

Creative Power Episode 18: Unlock Your Creativity by Healing Your Inner Child

Do you wish you could be more creative but don’t feel that it’s possible for you Do you ...

Creative Power Episode 17: How To Stop The Stall On Your New Creative Idea

Have you ever had a new amazing idea come to you, you’re super excited and then 27 reasons why...

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