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Who Is The Alchemist Archetype?

The Alchemist is an extraordinary and innovative creator and highly curious. 
They have the ability to collect seemingly random pieces that catch their eye, even if they don’t know why and turn it into something truly incredible.
As such, this archetype is often multi-disciplinary or may not even work with tangible mediums, instead choosing to bring together their knowledge and ideas into revolutionary concepts that they deliver in the form of courses, training and product invention.

Much like a magpie, the alchemist is highly observant and has a keen intuition for what they need to collate and keep in order to bring their ideas to fruition. 

They may look disorganised or stationery from the outside looking in but below the surface, they are calculating their next move to turn the ‘lead’ into ‘gold’ when they are truly ready.

The alchemist can struggle to communicate their intentions or processes while they are in the middle of it, often working backwards from their final creation’s endpoint in order to then communicate and share it with the world.

This archetype has a deep level of tenacity and is willing to work at seemingly fruitless tasks in order to bring their vision to life but only when they know it serves their ultimate creation – even if they don’t know what it looks like at the time.

Staying True To Yourself Creatively

This archetype can struggle to find their place in the creative world as they doubt their abilities and often come across as a ‘jack of all trades’ with their wide array of knowledge and experience. 

In the mastery of refining their creative endeavours, their confidence will grow but they can struggle with concentration long term and flit between mediums, projects, jobs and tasks while in their collecting phase.

Highly experimental, the alchemist is not afraid to try and fail or look like a beginner while they are gathering materials. They have a boldness and willingness to step outside the realms of the ordinary and expected but can potentially become tunnel-visioned when they truly step out of gathering and into the creation phase of their process.

Supporting The Alchemist Archetype

The alchemist can struggle with self-doubt and judgement from other people as they can often seem ‘flighty’ while in their gathering phase. Giving them permission and encouragement to be themselves and follow their process to its end will allow them to flow and create with much more ease and confidence.
Learning how to communicate their process as they are living it is beneficial to the alchemist, who often turns up with a finished work after long periods of silence to the outside world. Finding new ways to show their activity will help this archetype bridge the silence gap, allowing them to cultivate a deeper connection with their audience who will understand them and what they’re making on a greater level.

Actions To Support The Alchemist Archetype

Record time-lapse videos, audio notes or brainstorming sessions of work in progress to connect and share with your audience while you live the work

Dive into a medium, format or subject you know nothing about other than sheer curiosity for unexpected results

Practice meditation in order to tune into your intuition to allow yourself to be guided in the creation process.

Alchemist Examples:

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho,

  • Fairy Godmother from Shrek,

  • Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter,

  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen,

  • George’s Marvellous Medicine,

  • Macgyver

Supporting The Alchemist Archetype

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