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Creative Archetype Book

You've learnt which is your creative archetype but now what...

In Meet Your Creative Archetype, we deep dive into what really makes an alchemist and the other creative archetypes tick. Find out how to unleash your true creative power and embrace your archetype’s natural genius.

You’ll learn how to break free from the shadow of the alchemist that may have controlled the way your creativity manifests in the world and how to transform and transmute it to awaken a new level of flow for yourself. 

You’ll find actionable tips to help you move towards your potential and unlock a magnetic version of yourself that will ignite your passions and help you achieve the creative success that you desire.

Meet The Author
Camilla Fellas Arnold

Camilla Fellas Arnold is an international bestselling author, writing coach, and creative wellbeing mentor. She has published two books, ‘Unravelling Inwards: A Journey Of Embracing The Divine Feminine’ and ‘Meet Your Creative Archetype’ and more through her indie publishing imprint Tecassia Publishing.

Her writing coaching helps authors find their authentic voice and tell compelling stories. As a creative wellbeing mentor, Camilla combines holistic practices with her Interconnectivity Coaching Approach to help creatives align with their true purpose, unlock their gifts, and embrace creative flow and freedom.  She works with her business partner Emily Tuck at Visionary Coaching Centre to provide corporate coaching to help companies support and nurture their creative staff.

With over a decade of experience across creative industries, Camilla holds an ILM Level 7 Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors and is an EMCC UK Accredited Senior Practitioner. She has been featured in major media outlets like The TelegraphMetro OnlineThrive Global and Voice Magazine. 

The Mission

"The aim of this book is to help you understand what drives you to create, where does that innate passion spring from and what is it trying to achieve. Understanding this can help you identify your passion and zone of genius quicker."