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Who Is The Architect Archetype?

The architect is a visionary archetype that has a unique way of seeing the world and creates aspirational designs that enact their vision. They are experts at grounding what they envisage into reality and are highly practical. This archetype loves organisation, systems and structure and has a delicate, methodical way of working. This however can mean they struggle to access and interpret the metaphorical as they are very literal and straightforward.

Detail-oriented, this archetype is precision-based and meticulous with their eagle eyes but can suffer from such a high level of perfectionism that they can potentially alienate and exasperate their peers as they slow down the creation process to ensure everything is ‘just right’. They can begin to get stuck in a cycle of unattainably high standards for themselves and others if they are not mindful about managing this perfectionism.

Often skilled at highly realistic and technical drawing and have an ability to dissect and translate complex information and concepts into easily understandable pieces for the consumer.

However, the architect is often not particularly concerned with others’ opinions, preferring to focus on bringing what is in their head out onto paper regardless of what anyone else thinks. This can give them an air of arrogance as they have such a strong sense of self-belief but as they are before their time, they are often vindicated in the long run when their foresight proves to be essential and effective.

The architect has the ability to streamline their processes with incredible effectiveness as they detest the more ‘messy’ and disorganised side of creativity. This can be at their own detriment as they may close themselves off to being enriched by experiencing all that the creative life has to offer.

This archetype is deeply devoted to their craft and refinement of their skills. They adore practical solutions and are excellent problem solvers so those with this archetype usually can be found in service-based creative jobs with a solution focus such as architecture, drafting, product invention and design work.

Supporting The Architect Archetype

The architect can be highly focused to the point of tunnel vision during their creative process which means they can be very efficient at getting the job done. However, the seriousness with which they approach their work means they finish one project and immediately start the next. Encouraging them to explore new hobbies they are not ‘good’ at and supporting them in creating a routine that includes self-care and downtime to help them unwind.
This archetype can struggle to find meaning in the metaphorical which can lead to them rejecting what they don’t understand. Emboldening them to explore the less literal sides of life and creating just for ‘fun’ can be beneficial to help them break out of their precision-based shell. Experimentation with mixed media can open up a whole new world for them and provide fresh perspectives that they can apply to their work.

Actions To Support The Architect Archetype

Collaborate with a mixed media artist to open yourself up to finding solutions within the metaphorical edge of creativity

Challenge yourself to share work in progress and snapshots of sketches with your peers and audience to break out of the perfectionist mindset

Experiment with drawing techniques such as speed drawing, blind drawing and non-dominant hand drawing to create some unexpected results

Architect Examples:

  • Howard Roark in The Fountainhead,

  • Christopher Wren,

  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel,

  • Saul Bass,

  • Stefan Sagmeister,

  • Daedalus

Supporting The Architect Archetype

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