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Who Is The Child Archetype?

The archetype of the child as a creator represents that of innocence and magic. They look at the world through wonder and embellish it with wild-eyed imagination and whimsy. The child brings to creativity a lightness that is enthralling, particularly to adults that have lost touch with their creative nature. There is a simplicity with which the child sees the world through their own abstractions that makes this archetype compelling, deeply moving yet fun and free-spirited. 
The child archetype is energy and vibrant with an infectiously positive attitude and outlook on life though they could be accused of immaturity and seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses at times by cynical people that can’t appreciate the beauty of their imagination.

Those with the child archetype love to explore, experiment and play open-endedly. They hold the courage to step into the unknown and create with any and all types of medium – nothing is off-limits for the child and are often multi-disciplinary or multi-talented creators.

Sensitivity can be their downfall as they often choose to listen to others as authority figures and as a result, can stifle their true creativity rather than seeking their own internal authority and validation at all times and ultimately reach more outrageously magical creativity. Their fantasy and imagination can also be used as a form of escapism from trauma which can lead to a reluctance to bring their work tangibly into the world if they feel it is not ‘safe’ to do.

They can come across as distracted dreamers and may need support to allow them to focus their attention in order to follow through with their creative process or risk having many half-started and abandoned projects laying in their wake.

The child archetype may present as the prodigy or the child-genius. While often lauded in actual childhood, as they grow older, this genius can risk feeling like a burden and the child can become resentful. This resentment can lead to a total rejection of their talent and they shut down their ability to access it if they feel they are unseen beyond their gift.

Ultimately though, the child archetype has the innate ability to awaken magic, imagination and joy within others by nurturing and embracing their extraordinary talents. This allows them to connect to the wider world on a deeper level, strengthening their sense of belonging and acceptance.

Supporting The Child Archetype

The child wants to feel loved but often seeks this love in others and can become attention-seeking creators flitting from one trend to the next. What they truly need to learn is that the love that resides within them is the most sustaining, grounding and validating love that they seek.


Those around the child can support their creative talents and imagination by being mindful of their sensitivity. If you hold a butterfly too tightly, you will crush it but if you let it go, it will fly. Allow the creative child to take flight! Give them time and space to indulge in their whims and explorations while also being ready with structure and encouragement as they try to ground their creative endeavours.

Actions To Support The Child Archetype

Learn your love language and make it reflexive to yourself

Explore and experiment with other mediums – get messy!

Give yourself permission to be wild and have fun

Child Examples:

  • Roald Dahl,

  • Dr Seuss,

  • Spike Milligan,

  • Peter Pan

Supporting The Child Archetype

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