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Who Is The Dreamer Archetype?

The dreamer is the one that sees the world through rose-tinted glasses. As idealists they like to paint a pretty picture with their creative work and often use their creativity as a form of escape from the harsh realities of the world. The dreamer wants to create an image of the world as they feel it could or should be but can come across as somewhat arrogant and stubborn to those who disagree with or don’t understand their worldview.

This archetype often wishes they could ‘wave a magic wand’ to fix everything they perceive as wrong with the world in an instant. This may be on a superficial level, wanting to make everything ‘pretty’ or it could be addressing the deeper issues within society. As such, the dreamer can be found usually working in a variety of creative jobs and mediums such as product development, writing and fine art. However, they have a fluid nature so can flit between mixed mediums and have a multi-disciplinary skillset and range of interests.

The dreamer can become easily frustrated when others don’t understand the world they wish to create. They can find it challenging to live in the density reality of the world and can feel defeated by the lack of change of slow pace with which the world aligns with their vision. If their feelings of dejections are left unmanaged, they can retreat deeply into themselves and their ‘perfect world.

Highly intuitive and feeling everything deeply, the dreamer can experience disappointment at a deep-seated level when things don’t go their way. This can leave them despondent and apathetic towards the world so it is important for the dreamer to find a way out of their funk and back into productive action otherwise they can lose a lot of time on their inward negative spiral.

Often called daydreamers in childhood, this archetype floats through life with a relaxed and chilled out approach. There is no need for haste in their world as they believe everything gets done at the right time. The dreamer is very experimental and inventive, dreaming up scenarios and solutions that can outstand and amaze those around them. They represent a freedom of self that those around them aspire to and magnetise people towards their dreamy vibes.

Supporting The Dreamer Archetype

Dreamers often need support bringing their dreams into reality. They float through life so it is important for them to feel anchored to something tangible, this could be in the form of long term collaborations with more practical, technically-minded people or in the form of regular grounding and other rituals that help them foster a sense of peace and belonging on the earth.
They can become easily dejected and disappointed so it is beneficial for them to cultivate a strong support network that can help lift their spirits when they are struggling against the cold light of day. Keeping a list of things that light them up and indulging in their favourite hobbies and activities will support this. When trying to get out of a funk, look for the quick wins that can be achieved first to help them regain a sense of momentum.

Actions To Support The Dreamer Archetype

Collaborate with someone practical to help bring your visions to reality

Create a vision board to help you stay motivated and inspired

Experiment with bullet journaling as a quick and easy way to keep track of your progress

Dreamer Examples:

  • Walter Mitty,

  • Lizzie McGuire,

  • John Lennon,

  • Alice in Wonderland,

  • Carl Jung

Supporting The Dreamer Archetype

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