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Who Is The Hedonist Archetype?

The Hedonist is the pleasure seeker, the one who creates for the beauty of things. They can be observed by their making of whatever they find aesthetically pleasing as that is the primary thought that consumes them. 

They are not tied to any specific medium and are not particularly concerned with creating work that has deeper metaphorical meaning as long as it satisfies them. That’s not to say they are superficial as their work is often symbolic and evokes deep meaning and emotions from their audience but it is certainly not the hedonist’s primary motivation or interest in the creation process.

To this end, they create their heart’s desires without consideration for keeping up with trends or reaching a specific target market. These are the creators that create for creation’s sake and purely for their own enjoyment and soul-soothing.

They can also be nonchalant about sharing their work with the wider world with a “take it or leave it” attitude that can alienate them from their audience and can be reluctant to work on commissions.

High quality and luxury are of paramount importance to this type so they are willing to take their time during the creation and production process to ensure it meets their standards. 

Depending on how high the standards are that they set for themselves, this can become an unattainable, impossible cycle that they get stuck in. This can lead to feelings of impostor syndrome or paralysis if they feel they’ll never reach the perfection they seek. 

The hedonist may not create traditionally beautiful work either and may enjoy working with dark themes and motifs, often with the same few sets of concepts recurring in their work as they refine in their continual search for their masterpiece.

Supporting The Hednoist Archetype

The hedonist can be stubborn and tunnel-visioned in their quest for perfection so it is important to maintain perspective and help them get out of their head. Encouraging them to explore new mediums, formats and motifs in their work will support this.
While the hedonist doesn’t create with anyone in mind but themselves, they are appreciative of feedback from their circle as they are sensitive, deep thinking creators. It is this positive feedback that can help them combat their feelings of impostor syndrome. They often develop a deeply supportive community and form strong alliances with creative peers so collaborative projects can be beneficial in helping them work out of paralysis.

Actions To Support The Hedonist Archetype

Try working with a new medium or motif to produce something unexpected and exciting

Experiment with creating something with the primary focus being the metaphorical meaning instead of aesthetically pleasing

Work on a collaborative project with a creative peer & Deliberately make a mistake in your work to break out of perfectionism

Hedonist Examples:

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray,

  • Tim Burton,

  • Heston Blumental,

  • Dionysus,

  • Michelangelo

Supporting The Hedonist Archetype

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