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Who Is The Realist Archetype?

The realist is a practical archetype. They love making things work and have a down to earth approach to their creativity. They are detail-oriented and struggle with things they deem to be  ‘pie in the sky’ and figurative meaning. 

The realist much prefers to work with the literal, technically accurate and realistic – shining a light on and showing things as they are in the world. They are dedicated, consistent and patient workers with an exquisite talent for realistic drawing so can often be found as fine artists creating works of realism such as portraiture. They care not for ‘pretty’ but are unafraid to show the truth of the world, no matter how ugly it may seem.

This archetype has the ability to be a great leveller and bridge the gap between the more metaphorical creators and the world at large.

As such, with their level-headedness, they make excellent collaborators and have an attitude that makes them feel like everyone’s friend. This can easily be used to their advantage to win them a loyal and supportive army of followers for whatever cause or creative pursuit they choose.

While they have an affinity for realistic and technical drawing, unlike the architect, they also have a great appreciation for the more metaphorical side of the creative world rather than a dismissive attitude. However, they can become pessimistic when they feel the realities of the world are being ignored or brushed under the carpet. 

This is when they can sometimes activate the cynicism and distrust of the world within themselves and begin to channel that energy into vicious takedowns of anything they deem ‘wrong’. However, when they use this anger in conjunction with their incredible intellect, they can become highly inventive with novel solutions to bigger issues and are able to communicate their vision with clarity and calm.

The realist finds joy in order from the chaos which can lead to pedantism and obsessive-compulsive behaviour if left unchecked. When managed well, they can use this skill to create clarity in the communication of ideas and improve understanding across the board which makes them excellent when working with and for diversity and inclusivity within the creative realms.

Supporting The Realist Archetype

The realist wants to highlight the world as they see it and have a tendency to downplay their skills and talents. As such it is important for the realist to work on building their own sense of self-worth, practice allowing themselves to receive compliments and give themselves permission to ‘show off’ about their achievements and stop ‘blending in’
This archetype, with their openhearted ability to fit in wherever they go, can struggle to find themselves within the creative industry and in their creative work. Cultivating a strong sense of their own being and encouraging them to spend time carving out their own place in the world and embracing their quirks will create a sense of inner peace and relief for the realist which will support them in their creative endeavours.

Actions To Support The Realist Archetype

Begin a self-portrait project to develop your sense of self

Collaborate with artists working at the opposite end of the spectrum such as impressionists and surrealists will help you break out of your box

Give yourself permission to portray things creatively in a non-realistic, stylistic way to add a new dimension to your work

Realist Examples:

  • Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,

  • Dr John Watson,

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

Supporting The Realist Archetype

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