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Who Is The Rebel Archetype?

The rebel is an energetic, active and highly vocal archetype as a creator. This archetype is defiant and uses their creative work to reject authority and provide commentary on any and all injustice they see in the world. The rebel demands attention and when not provided, can resort to childish behaviour and tantrums in order to get their own way, activating their vicious tongue.

When focused on their anger, the rebel manifests as punk rockers, dadaists, pop artists and avant-garde creators. They love satire and the use of sarcasm and irony which elevates their work on an intellectual level from being angry ‘noise’ to thought-provoking, cerebral art that sparks conversation and grabs attention. Their creative work tends to favour lack of polish and rejects mass-commercialisation, instead favouring hand-finished, limited editions, one-offs and rough finishes within their work. They can often be lone wolves preferring to stand alone.

They use any and all forms of creativity to communicate, often favouring mixed media approaches but can also be found as guerilla artists, fashion designers, musicians and writers. They are highly inventive and will come up with brand new techniques, mediums and art forms in order to broadcast their message. They are highly magnetic and attract fans with ease as they know how to effortlessly level with others and speak their language making people feel deeply understood.

Stuck in their anger and without a cause, the rebel can continue their anarchic creativity and become more and more destructive. This leads them into an endless downward spiral where they can struggle to break free. However, when their anger is channelled mindfully into their work they can move into positive activism and advocacy that will help create the change they seek.

When they choose a cause and take a calm, level-headed approach to the issue, they can become highly influential leaders providing insightful commentary on the great problems of our time. In this manifestation of the rebel, they are able to make much more ground in achieving their aims and will establish a sense of inner peace that the angry, defiant rebel craves. As they become less angry, the rebel will also see a refinement in their creative works as they favour a more simplistic, clearer approach in order to communicate their ideas better.

Supporting The Rebel Archetype

The rebel can struggle with feeling angry and frustrated by the injustice they see in the world so it is important to support them in finding positive outlets for their anger. Encouraging them to approach their cause with a more level-head in order to achieve their goals more successfully will be much more satisfying for the rebel in the long run. 
They have a gift and flair for gaining attention but can also have an insatiable desire for it. So much so that their presence can demand they take up the whole room as they deem others to be uninteresting or unworthy. The rebel can become highly judgmental of others when their anger is activated so helping them to appreciate other people’s unique perspectives and the knowledge and skill other people can bring to the table to support their cause can help them become more focused on activism rather than angry rebellion. They work well being the face and voice of a movement and benefit from remembering that input from others behind the scenes can help them with clarity, focus and enhance their chances of success.

Actions To Support The Rebel Archetype

Daily meditation and mindfulness techniques will help bring calm and order to the angry, chaotic thoughts and moods of the rebel

Use journal therapy, art therapy or develop a personal reflective practice to help process emotions and provide new insights into how to make the changes you desire in the world

Working in a group of likeminded peers will foster a sense of camaraderie, calm and fresh approaches and perspectives

Rebel Examples:

  • Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s Cruella,

  • Andy Warhol,

  • Peter Rabbit,

  • Amelia Earhart,

  • Frida Kahlo,

  • Banksy

Supporting The Rebel Archetype

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