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Who Is The Storyteller Archetype?

Vivacious and dynamic, the storyteller is an archetype that lights up the room and captivates an audience with their commanding and enchanting presence. This archetype uses any and all mediums to tell their stories but primarily will use their voice, body and presence to communicate. This archetype can be found often as actors, performers, dancers, musicians and fiction authors.

They love telling stories that speak to someone’s soul or impart wisdom and often embellish and exaggerate to create drama, intrigue and suspense. However, they must be mindful in blurring the lines too much within their own memory of what is the truth within the story lest they come unstuck at a later date as their web of tales unravels.

The storyteller draws from ancient wisdom to share lessons and wisdom with the world and presents an air of authority that demands they be heeded. This can make them come across as arrogant if they are not careful to manage to deliver their advice with tact. However, much like a moth to the flame, people cannot help but be drawn towards the vibrant storyteller so it is important that they learn to deliver their message and wisdom with grace and humility. This archetype ignites an ancient remembering deep within all our souls that can be magnetic when used with genuine intent to be insightful and helpful.

They thrive off the interplay between their storytelling and an audience so work best when they are connected to a live audience but with practice and patience can hone their skills to become compelling storytellers in recorded, written and non-vocal formats. These bold types live for the buzz of the crowd!

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Their need to be the focus of attention can overshadow everyone in their vicinity – a fact to which they may be entirely oblivious or detached depending on their level of self-awareness and empathy.

Unapologetic with no holds barred, the storyteller will pull threads from anywhere in order to tell their story. So unlike the scribe that may be reluctant to share from their own life, a storyteller brings a profound level of vulnerability and authenticity when they take ownership of their own story and bare their soul with the world. However, in the space of the actor or performer, the storyteller can become the one with ‘many faces’ or seem ingenuine as people around them struggle to get to the heart of the real storyteller.

Supporting The Storyteller Archetype

The storyteller can easily take up the attention of the entire room so it is important when interacting with them to give them guidelines and clear boundaries within which they can ‘perform’ in order to give everyone time and space. However, encouraging the storyteller to dig deep into their authentic soul story and vulnerability can be hugely beneficial in helping them deepen connections and ignite healing within others.
Storytellers are masters at evoking emotion in their audience so being mindful of whether they are sharing their story from the wisdom or the wound is crucial in order to ensure it imparts its message positively to the audience. Encouraging the storyteller to work on healing their own personal wounds and story will give the storyteller access to an even more profound level of wisdom and insight that will fulfil them deeply so giving them access to supportive tools that will help them heal will have an impact far beyond themselves.

Actions To Support The Storyteller Archetype

Joining story or poetry circles to help hone storytelling skills

Acting, drama or dance classes will add a new dimension to the storytelling practice

Journaling to support mindfulness, reflection and self-awareness

Storyteller Examples:

  • Christian Bale,

  • Matthew McConaughey,

  • David Tennant,

  • Roald Dahl,

  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole,

  • Anais Nin,

  • Brothers Grimm

Supporting The Storyteller Archetype

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