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Who Is The Visionary Archetype?

The visionary archetype is identified by their feeling of being out of place within society. They never feel they truly belong or fit in when in actual fact, they are simply ahead of their time. When they embrace this rather than fight against it to try and fit in is when they become profoundly powerful creators with the ability to affect great change in the world. 

These are the ones that see a vision of the future of humanity. However, for all their good intentions, the visionary suffers severe self-doubt, posing themselves the question, ‘why me?’ ‘Who am I to lead this?’ Up in the ether with a mystical air, they can struggle to ground their visions and dreams and find it challenging to communicate their ideas, knowledge and insight effectively.

Conflicted about stepping into the limelight, they are the unseen geniuses and leaders of the world with a great deal of empathy and compassion. The visionary, when they have found their inner strength and self-belief, are incredibly persuasive and charismatic, effortlessly gathering a crowd of fans that believe in the vision they hold for the world and what they create. However, if they cannot break through their own doubts and embrace their zone of genius, the visionary walks a lonely path and can become dejected and disillusioned with the world.

This archetype manifests itself creatively in a multi-disciplinary way but is often found in service-based creative work. They are the inventors and innovators of our world. They are the messengers of new paradigms and the bringers of hope and healing through their work. They are often teaching and mentoring others, the visionary is a course creator, pioneer and entrepreneur.

They hold themselves to a high standard that can eventually become unattainable if left unmanaged. However, managed carefully, it can manifest as exquisite, high-quality work that is concise, efficient and effective. Combined with the fact that their work speaks to people and moves them on a soul level means that this is a powerful creative archetype that can move seamlessly across disciplines and mediums.

Supporting The Visionary Archetype

The visionary can become easily consumed by people-pleasing behaviour as their primary concern is to benefit humanity, potentially to the detriment of themselves. Encourage them to find value in themselves, take ownership of their self-worth and expertise and ensure they engage in regular down-time to recharge and take care of themselves.
They often hold a bigger creative vision than they have the capacity to enact alone but struggle to communicate this vision with others. They can become aloof and disconnected from the world if they continually feel misunderstood so it’s important for them to build a supportive network of champions and collaborators that can help them bring their lofty visions to the ground.

Actions To Support The Visionary Archetype

Collaborate with peers that have more practical skills in order to help bring your visions to life

Practice self-love and self-acceptance. Embrace your gifts and who you are in the world instead of fighting against yourself and your talents

Spend more time on self-care to ensure you are energised enough to serve humanity

Visionary Examples:

  • Nikola Tesla,

  • Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman,

  • George Lucas,

  • Alan Turing,

  • Picasso,

  • Vincent Van Gogh,

  • Leonardo Da Vinci,

  • George Orwell

  • Gene Roddenberry

Supporting The Visionary Archetype

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