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Creative Power Episode 15: Five Things To Do When You’re Uninspired

Are you feeling completely uninspired with so much stress and fear in the world right now? Are you struggling to break out of your funk? Join me in this episode for five quickfire easy tips to help you break out of the block, get back in the flow and get inspired again!

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Welcome to Creative Power! I hope you’re looking after yourself in these worrying, stressful times. I’m going to be honest, new creative ideas haven’t been at the forefront of my mind at all. I’ve been focusing on trying to wrap up existing projects and manage my overall mental well-being so this episode is going to be a short one. That’s both for my sake and for yours because it’s tough thinking about this creative stuff when we’re seeing such awful things happening in Ukraine when we turn on the news.

With that in mind here’s a quick episode that gets to the point of five things to do when you’re uninspired. Because honestly, I’m feeling pretty uninspired myself right now and that’s okay. We’re allowed to have off days where we want to crawl into a hole because creativity has all but disappeared.

However, while I completely understand how stressful things are right now, equally, staying stuck in pain, fear and stress isn’t going to help us either. So how can we break out of the box?

Tip 1: Have a change of scenery. Those same four walls aren’t helping anyone. Get out of the house, take a walk! Grab the laptop and do some work in a coffee shop. If you can, take some time out to go do something fun to get you out of your head. And when you come back to your working space, have a clear out. Put up some new photos or illustrations to inspire you and freshen up the space.

Tip 2: Journal on your feelings to help you process and release them. If you skip back one and listen to episode 14, I did a deeper dive into how to get started with journaling. There’s tons of benefits to it and can help you break free of feeling negative or stuck. So grab a pen and paper and dig into what’s really behind you feeling uninspired. Keep writing, don’t filter or judge yourself and simply allow it all to flow. As you dig deeper you might uncover some things that will really help you break out of your funk!

Tip 3: Do something for you. What is something you really want to do but never have time for? Perhaps it’s something you feel is really indulgent and you put off because of work and other responsibilities. But here’s the thing, in this current state of mind you’re not getting any work done anyway so do yourself a favour and take some time to do that thing that makes you feel really good. Whether that’s watching your favourite uplifting film, champagne, face masks and bubble baths at noon or reading a new book, walk away from the screen and have a break. Yes, you do deserve it!

Tip 4: Try something new. We can get really stuck in our box at times and can’t see a way out. And when we feel rubbish, uninspired and our usual tools aren’t helping us break free of the funk, it’s time to try something new. Whether that’s a new hobby or craft, networking with some new people, learning something new or trying a technique or tools or even seeking support for how you’re feeling right now, sometimes the best way to break free of the stuckness, is to try something different.

Tip 5: Embrace limitations. Okay hear me out on this because I know on the face of it, this sounds counterintuitive. But! Creativity and innovation thrive off limitations. When we’ve got limits, self-imposed or otherwise, it forces us to push those boundaries and see what we can create instead. So how can that work when you feel uninspired? Give yourself a time limit or do some speed drawing. Write with your non-dominant hand. Use only one colour and shades of it, limit your word count, whatever you like. The idea is to find the limits and then experiment with how you can break out of it to create something new. 

For example, when I felt uninspired but still wanted to record a podcast episode for this week – what could I do that would be short and to the point and help my listeners? I figured if I feel uninspired then maybe you do too so this episode was born and there’s simply no need to fluff it out. Limitations don’t kill our creativity but inspire it because we always want to work around them.

So there you have it, five tips for when you’re feeling uninspired.

1: Have a change of scenery

2: Journal on your feelings

3: Do something just for you

4: Try something new

5: Embrace limitations

I really hope these tips help you as they have done for me. I’d love to hear how these tips work for you so do get in touch. I’m really excited to share that you can now send me voice messages via Speakpipe so if you want to let me know how it’s going or maybe you have a question you’d love me to answer. If you do, send me a voice message and I’ll answer it for you in a future episode. I’ll put a link to leave a message in the show notes, I can’t wait to hear from you and good luck getting reinspired!

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