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Creative Power Episode 26: The Impact of the Litha Summer Solstice on Creativity

What impact does the flow of energy throughout the year have on our creativity? How is our creativity and inspiration shifting as we reach Litha, the summer solstice. How can we support ourselves if we are burning out? What steps can we take to ensure we fuel our fire? How can we harness this and use it to support our creative flow? What is creative dehydration and what does it have to do with summer?

In this fourth guest interview of a year-long series with Emily Tuck, we’ll be hearing how the festival of Litha on 21st June can impact our creativity and what shifts it can create in our mindset and energy.

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Camilla Fellas Arnold 0:25
Welcome to Creative Power, and podcast designed to help you claim the full spectrum of your creative potential. I’m Camilla fellas Arnold. And I’m passionate about discussing how we change the face of both the creative industries, and how we interact with creativity itself. So that in nourishes our soul, and helps us express ourselves within alignment, flow and authenticity. Let’s get started.

Welcome to Creative Power, I am here once again with the fabulous Emily tuck, who is going to talk to us about the summer solstice, which is today and the festival of Neetha. And the impact that it will have on creativity, I find this really, really interesting, because last time when she was here, was at the beginning of May. And we were talking about Beltane, moving us into a fire season. And what has happened for me since then, is I’ve started in the last few episodes, there hasn’t been any when I would normally put out an episode on Tuesday. I haven’t put any new episodes out for at least three weeks. Because I’ve been struggling with the fire myself. I’ve been feeling burnt out. So we’re now at this halfway point, the summer solstice in because this is the minor festival, as Emily would say. So Emily is here to kind of explain to us, what do we do now if we’re already halfway through this 12 week window and we’re feeling a bit burnt out? How can we regroup ourselves what is coming up next for us with Mica. So Emily, welcome back.

Emily Tuck 2:12
Thank you very much for having me back. It’s a pleasure to be here. As always

Camilla Fellas Arnold 2:17
a pleasure to have you.

Emily Tuck 2:19
I think we’ll start with talking about what happened with you around the episodes, the missing episodes as it were. Because it’s a very good example. And you’re not the only person I have seen where this has happened. So what happened when we entered Beltane, which was the last time I was here, Beltane was the first of May, we moved from the wood and the spring into the start of summer. And the fire element in the tiny five elements. Now that fire element gives the implication of go go go lots of activity we move from B into do listen to the previous episode. That’s what I was talking about. However, what it also does is within the fire element, you have the triple warmer you have the adrenal system. So what happens if you’re somebody who has been go go go for so long? Actually, list pretty much do too much go and not enough of something else.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 3:25
That’s an interesting way to think about it.

Emily Tuck 3:28
what can actually happen is it’s almost like as you step into fire, it has its own innate energy about it, but you’re adding that to the process. And I find this when I’m working with clients when we’re dealing with so I’m when I begin working with clients when I do their original medical history understanding about who they are, what their backstory one of the questions I often ask them, Are you waking me up overnight? And if so, what time because it tells me which part of their systems are over energised. Okay, because each Meridian has its active time of day they have a two hour window when they are most active and most receptive. So, the best time to eat breakfast is when your stomach meridian is most active and receptive at seven in the morning. Good diet tip if you want to lose if you want to become leaner, have a bigger breakfast and then eat less during the day. Because actually sumo wrestlers are famous for only eating after the stomach time has finished because otherwise it boosts the metabolism too much and well did not know that. That’s fascinating. They never eat. They never eat before 11 In the morning, because otherwise they work too well. They’d be too lean and they can presume a recipe actually is the opposite no advantage the world I was going to say if that what as people come around to certain times of day or night where they can’t sleep, what happens is, they’ve already used quite a bit of energy in this area for other reasons. So for example, they might be creating the new projects in the woods that we spoke about in our previous episodes. But the meridians that belong to that are the liver and gallbladder. And what happens is they have their own natural surge. Gallbladder has an accuracy at 11 o’clock at night. And liver takes over at one in the morning. And so between 11 and three, if you’ve been using that liver energy and that word energy to create new projects, to plan new things to do all of that, and you then get round to 11 o’clock at night, suddenly, you’re awake, or you went to bed at 10. Now suddenly, you’re wide awake at one in the morning. Because the extra surg that naturally occurs at that time for liver, or for gallbladder is enough to bring you out of the sleep state. Wow, you actually wake up at that time of day or night, because so I always look for when are you awake or asleep in the sleep cycle, because it tells me where there’s an over surge of that energy. Because if the natural energy that would be there anyway, is always in play, it’s always gonna be having that little surge for two hours. But now we’ve got extra enough to bring you out of your sleep state, then it shows me in advance. So let’s look at fire in the same way. What happens is that you come into this stage in May, and it builds and it goes right the way through. So we’ve talked about it here. And we’ll talk about it again. When we come around to the next one, we still, we’re only just beginning to think about about Earth, because that’s the first of August. So fire lasts quite a while and lost a good chunk of their finite element time. What happens is if fires already got enough going on, because we are naturally adrenalized Life is stressful, we’re stressing ourselves out with our jobs, our foods, trying to be everything to everybody doing stuff we don’t want to do,

Camilla Fellas Arnold 7:14
we also have fire in terms of the weather is heating up. I mean, yesterday, we hear the temperatures with 80 degrees is absolutely roasting. So that adds to the pot as well.

Emily Tuck 7:27
So all of those things now mean that if you had done that, if you were naturally balanced in your fire element, but you also had the heat of the season the humaneness and in Britain, particularly as opposed to the southern hemisphere, or in in the northern hemisphere. Our houses are built to retain heat,

Camilla Fellas Arnold 7:46
because the predominantly were cold, and we don’t have aircon. It’s not a thing for us.

Emily Tuck 7:52
So if he has nowhere to go. So now, if I said to you, right, let’s spend time in fire, doo doo doo, go go go. This has the equivalent effect on your adrenal system and on your fire element, as it would if you were waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too much energy. So you are one of the people and I’ve dealt with a couple of my clients like this, where actually, if the objective of using the element well, is not that it is fired up, although that may be the case. Actually, to bring it into balance. Yes. So if you’re somebody who hasn’t, who now goes into fire, and wants to use it for doo doo doo, I, for example, don’t have an imbalance in my fire element. And I have been in a high activity period. I’ve been doing calls I’ve been talking to people I’ve been networking left, right, and actually been a human design generator. Like there’s the fire us the fire the fire element, and it’s sustaining itself as well. So it’s a fire in my case, that is like a fire under a cauldron is cooking something. So if you’re somebody who was a overdrying, alized, or overstressed, or maybe once upon a time, you have suffered from heatstroke. Who knows what through your fire element out right? Now, this is not the fire that’s cooking under a cauldron. This is a fire element that is burning out fast. So the best way to bring you into a balanced fire element is actually to do fractionally less. Yeah. And when you feel that overborne How do you sit back? How do you allow your fire to go from a Towering Inferno that takes over our house and destroys everything in its wake. And actually now simmers down to the same as mine, which is the cauldron the fire under the culture that is cooking something. So in your case lists you listened to your natural rhythm and didn’t push yourself past and make an episode of something when you would just make posted. Because the thing is

Camilla Fellas Arnold 10:01
I actually knew what I was going to do these episodes about, but the day that I sat down to do the recording, I could feel it in myself. I wasn’t, I didn’t have the headspace for I didn’t have the energy, or the excitement to do it. And I just thought, instead of mugging myself about that, which I historically would have done, I thought, okay, don’t worry, it is what it is, is you sometimes got to let it go for your own sake.

Emily Tuck 10:28
And so when we first started this series, we started with in bulk. Yes, we did. And in bulk is the water elements. So it was all about letting things incubate and letting things settle? Well, in a way, you allowed a little water into your over fired environment, your internal environment with over too much fire. So we douse the fire with a little water. And so you’ve allowed these ideas of episodes to incubate a little longer, let them sit for a while. And then they can come out at a time. And I’m gonna use the word temperature for one of a better word, but at a stream of kind of heat that sits right, when you want it settled and regulated and balanced, then these episodes can come out. And it’s a much better experience for you. It’s a much better experience for your listener.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 11:19
Of course, yeah, because no one, you can feel people’s energy when they’re not in it, when they’re phoning in, you can tell and I don’t want to bring that energy to these episodes. So, you know, people may have noticed that there was a few episodes mids for a few weeks, but actually in terms of the output of quality that was put the best. And you know what, we’re still only at that half way point in the fire season. So there’s still the opportunity, those, those things that I was going to talk about which were relevant to the season, are still going to be useful for me to talk about over the next few weeks. So they’ll come into their own, we’ve still got, I have still got time to wrap things up and move things forward. But at a pace that works for me, rather than, you know, just trying to do do do with everyone else is there is that, that energy and excitement because it’s summer, we’ve got beautiful weather, people want to go out and do all of things. And I think it’s so easy for people to probably get caught up in that. And think we all have to do the same, we have to keep up with each other, we have to be in all the places at once.

Emily Tuck 12:29
So when we’re looking at this fire element at this time of year, we’ve talked all so we’ve talked us now about how actually we can gently douse that fire. So now let’s talk about the other side of the equation, where maybe that person’s fire is imbalanced, or it actually needs the natural firing up. So this is about doing it is the in terms of the do habits, the do phase still. And there’s activity. However, what’s interesting about Lithia as a festival is the beginning, we are just beginning to get the herbs. It’s not quite the harvest the harvest lives in August. But the medicinal herbs and the herbs that traditionally were part of like kind of magic work would have would begin to harvest now. You can go out and you can pick those things. What’s the magic that we needed this time to bring us through? What’s the alchemical piece that has begun to mature? And it’s the beginning of what have we planted back in spring? When we were talking about Ostara? What were the seeds you are planting that would harvest we still have the main harvest come August, August to September, we’re gonna see a big yield. However, this it begins these increments and the beginnings of harvest. And what happened is that what’s the beginnings of those? What’s things that are beginning to make take a shape? Are we maybe getting one person that signed up for a programme instead of five? Have we maybe started to build the relationships that later will have a much bigger yield? Also, what’s what do we need? Help that continue? What else do we need? We’re still in the doing phase. So what’s the other piece of high activity that needs to occur to keep that in motion? It’s also a phase of and it’s about being able to go to know that has begun. I can see this part of a small harvest.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 14:40
It’s important to honour it within yourself. And also, I think we talked about this in the Beltane episode. Think about the things that really feed your soul the things that will give you that lifeforce that energy to sustain you. You know, there may not be the creative projects but the other things that will to build up your

Emily Tuck 15:00
reserves, what will feed the fire? So if we’re talking about that, that cooking cauldron, you know, we talked about how we don’t want the never ending porridge pot version. But we also want to be able to what is it that we need to put fire in our belly that will nurture what we’re cooking. And what we’re still percolating and what still is being germinated really. So interestingly, I read somewhere that when I was learning about this, generally, is that the solstice translates because obviously, for the summer solstice, is also another name for this festival, Solstice literally means the sun’s standstill. Because it’s the longest day, it literally stands still. Such a beautiful idea that we are celebrating the light over the dark. That’s powerful. I like that. So we can look at that on all kinds of levels, like what’s happening in your life, that you can say this is light over dark. I’m celebrating the fact that over the last few months, we’ve been working through something and now versus light over dark. Also, within the creativity, what have you done to transform the narrative and make it something that’s light, but joyful? Because the emotion that belongs to the fire element is joy? So where’s the joy? Or maybe the lack of it? Are we having trouble regulating that joy? Because the historical narrative, which I know you are working very hard to transform is this, you know, the wounded artist and the artist suffering starving artists and how exactly the suffering artists. So with that is, what is the joy in it was the things that bring you joy. But also, if that’s the case, if we’re celebrating that light over dark, where in our own lives, maybe in our own creative practice, maybe in the way that we approach ourselves as a creative person, where we were then like, winning over that adult narrative, where are we what are the steps we’re taking, what we’re doing is bringing that about. And with that, you also have this idea of, you know, we were talking earlier about the fire using the water against the fire. Well, Europeans, historically celebrate this festival by taking a large wheel, setting it on light, setting into light, and rolling it down a hill, but more importantly, they roll it through water. This idea of the more because the heat is so intense, and when you hit the peak of the summer, actually, this water, it’s just water fire.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 17:45
That’s incredible. How are we Yeah, you can see the connection between the two. That’s really, really fascinating. And I know for me, I did previously do a lot of work on my water element, before I got to realise that fire isn’t only issue. But the link between them is really quite fascinating. So in terms of creatives, who feel that they want to work with this energy, what would you say to them?

Emily Tuck 18:17
I think the first thing we need to do, or first thing I would suggest is tune into yourself. And I mean your authentic self, not the version of you that society approves of? Or can I be that creative? Am I allowed to be that avant garde? Am I allowed to never mind that for a second tune into you and tune into the creative energy of whatever it is you’re trying to put out into the world or that you’re burning? literally burning to put out into the world? And then ask yourself, does it need more fire? Do you need one of the with the fire element one of the they will have different attributes and properties. And one of the attributes is a smell. So each element has a smell and the smell of fire is scorched. Like a barbecue. Okay. So are we to scorched by life, the universe, everything, our creativity, our lack of creativity, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole whatever. Or do we need to take a risk and take the risk of being scorched a little? Because it helps the process to occur. So I would tune into that and I would think I’m feel into it and say right, what does it feel like I’m scorched? Does it feel like I’m I need to take a risk and I might be a bit cautious okay. And with that scorching also becomes that metaphor of like the which we endure the persecution because I’m doing something outside of outside of what people expect. I’m going to say outside of that in that kind of, you know, people create I’m calling that’s ahead of her time.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 20:02
That’s a quite interesting thought, actually. Because that can often be your people do tend to stall in their creative process, which is somewhere in their, in their thoughts in their subconscious. Maybe it’s conscious thoughts. They’re thinking about the end result when it’s something tangible that people are going to say. And that does, then, as you said, activate that which we have that remembering in our ancient ancestral DNA of the birds at stake. So then there’s almost that fear that kind of puts you puts a pause on what you’re doing, because you’re too frightened of the outcome to keep moving in the process.

Emily Tuck 20:43
And interestingly, I wasn’t going to say this when we started, but you’ve explained it. So well, I’m going to, is that blend then, of the fire in the water? So water is about fear. But water is also the seat of our courage.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 20:58
Nice like that?

Emily Tuck 21:00
Where can we find the courage? Where can we go from being frozen and terrified into trusting and going with the flow. And this idea of the drop in the ocean? Well, it’s like, the metaphorical Canvas if your brushstroke isn’t within the Canvas is not the same. So there’s that side, and then with the fire, is that risk of going to be over getting burned, metaphorically or not. But also, we risk it for art. But then we don’t need to risk it for our art because we need to, like slaved over it, it’s actually allowing that fire to be gently generating, and gently creating, and consistently doing so for so in my presentation, it shows up that I can keep going and have been going now for about four or five weeks it is Go go go. It’s relatively showing no signs of stopping, but it’s also hit a rhythm that I can keep. Yes. And so it’s about allowing that, what does it need? Does it need more of a solicitor and allow the two I guess I wasn’t gonna talk about water. But actually, it’s allowed that allowing that fire water balance, to allow you to get the most out of it. So the other part with that can be, it’s about being outside, it’s about being in nature, it’s about being out in the sunshine. So whether that’s going for a picnic, whether that is walking barefoot on the grass, whether that is I’m going to take my sketch pad and I’m going to do something outside me grounding yourself. Exactly. You could be somebody who just wanders around in forests and the trees around you and picks up things. And you might be someone who goes and does like tree rubbings. It doesn’t have to be lots of different, you know, fiery things. But what it does is it keeps you in nature, it keeps you looking at the abundance of the harvest that’s out there. There’s lots of different ways to kind of bring it around.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 22:53
I find for me, TV, I’ve been struggling the fire of this, this season, I’ve been feeling burnt out and overwhelmed and exhausted by the process. And for me, going from my walks, because I’ve got two dogs. So at least twice a day, I am going for a walk somewhere and I keep going back to the woods, I’m getting in all the trees rather than going over the fields, where it’s all at spaces, I want to be around all the greenery.

Emily Tuck 23:25
But what you’re also being around is the canopy and the break in the Sunday down on it. Yes. So for you, as somebody who has too much fire, it’s a way to be out in the nature and in the fire element and in the summer, but still have a cooling impact.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 23:43
I think that’s really an important lesson for us to learn to find a way to be in to enjoy the season, creatively and throughout the rest of your life, but in a way that works for you that doesn’t burn you out. So like I said, that is how I approach it. Whereas you or someone else may find that no, they’re happy out in the fields in the beating Sun is there’s no one right way to approach this much like creativity is all up to interpretation.

Emily Tuck 24:16
And one other thing I want to just bring in is the idea or the concept of emotional and I’m going to expand that concept. It’s emotional and spiritual. But I’m now going to extend it to creative dehydration. So where has there not been enough of the creativity Where have we buried it whatever. And what it creates is a dehydration in the body and the dehydration comes about in part because there’s not enough water against the amount of fire. So I’m somebody who on one occasion, lay asleep on a field. And I was we were everybody was out and about doing nothing and I the conversation Sitting around me was just boring and couldn’t help it. And I thought the best way to cope with this is to pretend to be asleep, then I don’t have to engage in a conversation. So I did. And then I probably fell asleep. And then I heard people saying, we should probably wake her up because she’s been in the sun too long. So they did, they woke me up. And that was fine. The next day, I thought I had a horrendous migraine. And the next day, I felt even worse, but it transpired I had heat, I had dehydration, and heatstroke. Because it sat out in the sun. So in that moment, there was too much fire. And not enough, there was no shade. I didn’t have a hat or all of those things. And I created this this moment. And what happens is, your body copes with heatstroke like that. And it stores it because what else can it do? It makes the compensation that it can, but it creates too much fire. And then it goes What do we do now? Okay, we get we make the adjustment and we carry on with our life. But it’s only done on the surface. So for example, all the advice about cooling your body temperature down and drinking plenty of water, that’s fine, you reset yourself a little, but you only really do it on the surface because you feel like the trauma effect or the oh my god, what happened here, imbalance that you create gets buried, and it becomes suppressed. So later, I found myself doing some holistic treatment, and I was the client. And we did something around, suppress dehydration. Well, out came this fire of this years later. But because the instruction was it was a demonstration about suppress dehydration. They’d expected a small demonstration of something you know, where it might drink a little bit more food, but they didn’t know I’d suffered from a stroke and out pain, this dehydration. Well, I thought I was dying. I was drinking gallons of water in no very, maybe a half hour space. Now the good news about this is that, that suppress dehydration has hit the surface and off I went it passes. It’s just passing through your body as it’s coming out. It’s not terminal. But water that I was getting rid of. And they just kept handing it to me. And at one point, somebody turned around, minding their own business turned around to me, and they’ve had their own water. And it’s a quick Give me that. And I was you know, thought I was being rude. I thought that the car she could stay I was in she didn’t object. Now I was naming three pints in, four pints in, and then it started to settle that part’s nice and the thirst I couldn’t do any about. But it was regulated and settled by physical water. Right. Now, I made a note of that for my own professional purposes. But what I have observed in people is x they do the work around or they do something around unlocking the creative or emotional dehydration, that locking away their creativity has brought about or I can’t be creative, I’m not allowed all those stories.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 28:06
As we unlock that.

Emily Tuck 28:10
Often there is the physical symptom of thirst to a much lesser degree than when I did my heatstroke. One. but to a lesser degree they caught on really thirsty and experienced it myself. They suddenly need Hold on, it’s not about that they they dropped their normal water for the day. It’s not that level of dehydration. Because we’ve allowed this creative dehydration to come up and be supported. It needs water and then it will set up. So keep drinking. Because actually it’s not physical dehydration that you’re solving that you’re remedying. You’re remedying it in a physical fashion. But it’s it’s creatively hydration that you’re

Camilla Fellas Arnold 28:51
solving. Awesome, really fascinating. I’m never really thought of creative dehydration before but actually it totally makes sense. It’s one of those things that you just think fit before you really do. Because you know we think of it when people are just completely stuck for ideas. And it’s you know, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you just can’t get an idea to come to you. But that thirst for an idea. I love that as a visual as a metaphor. Because you know I mean I’ve experienced it myself and wedding personal transformation in terms of hunger being hungry for something other than food, or its power or experience or God or money or but you’re hungry for something that isn’t food while you’re wandering around your fridge going there’s nothing new in here. Yes. So I’ve experienced that but then to apply that idea to thirst more you meet us before to me interesting tool.

Emily Tuck 29:52
You’ve got the hydration for him. And suddenly it’s created dehydration and to be honest, you said That’s something that’s never occurred. It’s only just occurred to me as we’re talking. Oh, it was something to expand that idea of physical or nutrition or dehydration into emotional I have learned about, but the idea of it being creative. Yeah, I think that’s the thing. I think it needs honouring

Camilla Fellas Arnold 30:16
does, I think it can be so hard when we are in this season of fire and summer. And we’re in that do phase, it can be really hard for people to just take that moment to stop and honour these things within ourselves to take that breath. Because we’re so busy, and just actually pull it back and say, yes, okay, I’m feeling like this. Today, I’m struggling with the heat. I’m struggling with this. I am creatively dehydrated.

Emily Tuck 30:46
How can I put some water in? How can I put some balance in how can I call that fire a little, a little. But what your intention is, and this is what something is important, the intention is that it becomes a fire that can self generate, and can create something in the doing there is something created, not scorched. Or if you’ve become a little bit more scorch, because you need to take a risk, it creates something manifest something off the tail end. So it’s what level what do you need to do to bring that in, rather than doo doo doo 27 days of the 27 days a month, crazy, crazy crazy. Go go go. And actually, we’re burned out. Because you end up with nothing to sow for the harvest.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 31:27
Yeah, it’s not going to do anyone any favours. And then that’s when all of that negative self talk comes in. And you just make yourself and you know what I’ve talked about the idea of the suffering artists before the first person. In a way, when you take out everyone else’s judgments, the worst person that makes us suffer is ourselves, we are our own worst enemy. At times that inner critic, he gets so bad. So you know what do yourself a favour and just honour the season that you’re in, whatever you’re experiencing, even if it doesn’t match the physical seasons, even if it doesn’t match what other people are doing this, okay, you still have time, that idea of what you said about that. That sustaining fire almost like getting an image of my granddad, he had a big wood burner like a massive one that was a backboard that he did all the tariffs or so. And what he would do is you’d fill it up with the coal right to the brim, so that it was staying overnight. You didn’t have to touch it until the next day, because it just would continue going on its own. Whereas you know, I’ve got a wood burner in my house, you put wood in it, and then it will stay in overnight, it will just burn out. Put coal in there, and it will sustain itself. So it’s about finding the difference for yourself creatively. This is what this is my biggest takeaway from what you’ve said, Find who is gonna sustain you natively over the summer. Because it’s not necessarily what you think it is, if keep pushing. Sometimes actually pulling back data is in the flavour a little bit. So something that’s just more manageable is actually the best way forward to keep you going in the long term.

Emily Tuck 33:21
If you remember that the objective is to balance your views, this time between Beltane on the first of May, and right the way through, first of all, to balance your fire element. So as this is the midpoint between those two dates, this is the opportunity to look at what have I done in the first six weeks spent between now and Beltane. Go go go fire, fire fire and you wonder why you’re burning out, you’re not going to sustain that for the next 12 weeks. And you’ll end up with all kinds of burnout and emotional dehydration on the way. So you can take stock at this point and go, actually this forward motion this forward motion is going to create something by the end. In my case, I think it will I can see the pieces moving. And it’s going to continue to create because it has a steady rhythm, a steady pattern all the way. But it’s not someone who has burned out. Actually I will create by doing slightly less. And then I’ll still get the harvest on the tail end. But actually what I’ve done, what we’re both doing from opposite ends of this scale is how do you balance the fire? So this six week point, the softest point, what do you need to do in order to bring balance to the fire. So it might be the same as what you’ve done in the previous six, but it might also be something entirely different.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 34:37
Well, that’s the beautiful thing about these midway points, you can take that moment to just pivot a little bit if you need to just reset. So I think that was a really good moment to have this conversation particularly for me because not that I’ve been feeling too bad about not turning up to record episodes but equally I had it in mind that I haven’t turned up on what was I going to do to keep moving Oh, what’s with this?

Emily Tuck 35:01
City? Your regulations? I think that constitutes a sorry about that. Here’s what has been going on. And we’ll see what happens. And I think, you know, it’s worth noting that whether or not that means there’s an episode once a fortnight until the end of fire. Yeah, maybe you’ll pick up a pattern. Maybe it will pick up a pattern come August when you switch into suddenly, there’s not because you don’t have the over and fire that is then going to galvanise you to a point where you actually can’t because like I said, right back in the episode, if your fire already over energised and then you put more fire in, is the equivalent of waking up in the middle of the night and wondering why’s that awake? Yeah. Well, if that becomes the case, you might be better when you do what I’ve advised in you, as we’ve advised the listeners is tune into the creative project and fie it because they need more waters and need more fire. What does it need? If the answer is to do an episode of fortnight until the end of fight and then revisit, because once you’re in the earth entity, once you’re in the earth element entity has a completely different field, and you’ll Fire won’t eat over playing because it’s not already energised by the fact that it’s a season.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 36:11
That’s the The beautiful thing about creativity, it is fluid. And what I am really, with these episodes with creative power, what I’m trying to encourage people to take on for themselves is that idea of being kind to yourself finding your rhythm, rather than listening to everyone else. So you know, taking my and your advice here and just letting it flow. If it’s coming. If it’s flowing for me, then there will be episodes. They may not be every week, they may be every week, I’m going to let it occur as it does. And that’s absolutely okay. That really is. You know, listeners may miss me for a week or two, but actually will get better quality in the process.

Emily Tuck 36:57
And as soon as you get that little fire under the cauldron, you may find that suddenly, oh, I could. I did two episodes this week because I was in the natural rhythm of that fire. But what it is, is it’s about following up with him.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 37:10
He has a really important takeaway. Yeah, I love that. So thank you so much for coming back again. And sharing all these insights with us. I definitely feel like it’s, it’s giving everyone that opportunity to just take that breather, maybe reset if you need to, and just show people that. There’s another way to do these things. You don’t have to be burnt out, you don’t have to struggle. And this is how we bring it back. So thank you so so much for coming back again. You will join us again in August.

Emily Tuck 37:45
I will be back here for I’ll be back here for the harvest. Yes.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 37:49
And I will of course as always put links to working with Emily in the show notes, all of her things. She’s doing some incredible stuff right now. So I’m excited to put those links in.

Emily Tuck 38:05
I can’t wait to see what my fire element has harvested from August. So I look forward to seeing you again the beginning of August.

Camilla Fellas Arnold 38:13
Thank you so much for coming today and I will speak to you soon.

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