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Creative[typedjs]Archetype Quiz,Zone of Genius,Passion & Drive[/typedjs]

Welcome to the Creative Archetypes Quiz

This quiz will identify your primary creative archetype and help you understand what drives you to create, where that innate passion springs from and what is it trying to achieve. Understanding this can help you identify your passion and zone of genius quicker.

Not only will you learn what motivates your archetype but you can also identify potential pitfalls and areas for personal development. Knowing our weaknesses is just as important, if not more so, as knowing our strengths. Understanding what our archetypes might look like when they are in their ‘shadow’ version can help us identify when we’ve gone off-piste and prompt us to take action to move them back into the ‘light’ or the positive.

Creative Archetypes

In acknowledging its presence and learning what each archetype needs and desires, we can make the creative journey easier for ourselves and reach new levels of depth in our understanding of ourselves.